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the founders

Meet the owner & founder duo Adam & Ruslana Dawda.

Leo & Aquarius, in a pursuit of beauty through their art. We are humbled and ever grateful for the position we have in life; we are devoted to our craft and aim to elevate your love.



Secret romantic Pisces, loves a good accessory, curious about your feelings, deep inner world, drinks more coffee than water.
I love to use photography as a method of meditation. A manner of expressing feelings in a form you can touch, see, and never forget. It is the discovery of the self. 


drone operator

Libra, nature wanderer, adrenaline seeker, coffee addict, occasional jokester, soccer enthusiast.

What I enjoy most about shooting with a drone and a video camera is the unique perspectives and angles they provide, allowing me to capture breathtaking aerial views and cinematic footage that adds depth and dimension to my projects. 


As a Sagittarius, my courageous spirit and unquenchable curiosity find their true expression behind the lens, where I bring a blend of creativity, enthusiasm, and technical precision to the camera department.


With each frame, I aim to capture not just images, but stories, emotions, and the unspoken narratives that unfold in front of my camera.

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videographer and photographer

During the past seven years I have thrived to bring the ideas to life through my vision with a camera.


Combining my love for storytelling and meeting new people sounds like a dream!



Left-Brain Scorpio, fashion and art lover. Seize the day with a nostalgic and dreamy heart.

As a photographer, I define my camera as my creative media to connect with this world. To turn what I see and what I imagine to what others are able to absorb is extremely important to me. I put my thoughts and observations into my camera and compose images that are timeless and dreamy.


videographer and photographer

Aries , wanderlust aficionado, night owl, stubborn optimist, incurable dreamer, fiercely creative.

What I enjoy most about shooting with a camera is the ability to capture moments in time, freeze memories, and express creativity through composition, lighting, and storytelling. 

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My favorite thing about photographing is the electrifying thrill of capturing moments with editorial magazine-style flair, infusing each shot with narrative depth and visual poetry. It's an art form that transcends mere documentation, elevating ordinary scenes into extraordinary tales that resonate deeply. Each click of the shutter not only immortalizes fleeting moments but also unlocks boundless creative possibilities, fueling my passion to craft captivating stories through the lens.



Passionate dad, world traveler, explorer & creator.

What I cherrish most about photography is that I get to capture one of the most important and intimate days of a couples life and create images that will stay with them forever.

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